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Mmm.... N-None of these really match. So bright. Too red...

... They kind of look a bit like his hair. Not so orange though.

((Lol, trying on the red ribbons she got from Schuldig WAAAAAY back from Valentine's day. :<))
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[[NILL HAS THE BEST WARDROBE ON ISLAND MMKAY?? But because she's a nice loli and has too much of said, dresses, she's hanging them on mannequins... That island made appear outside the newly constructed church.]]

U-Um... Nill... Nill's had these for a long while. A lot of dresses. And... And I though that there's a lot of other girls on island here and they might not have a lot of clothes. So... Ah....

I-If any girl needs more clothes, Nill has some she doesn't need. T-Though this might not be something you'd really like.

((So, Nill has a bunch of loli dresses out on display so the girls or you ambiguously gay/crossdressing men of the island can take their pick! Island magic made it so the dresses come in all shapes and sizes so any guy girl of any size can have a dress. WARNING: These dresses are displayed on mannequins... That might try to do something funny. Like punch you with their wooden mannequin hands if a man tries to take a dress even with the best intentions. Threadhopping totally allowed.))
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Should make one by now so I have an idea of what to post~


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